Waste Management Audit

Waste & Recycling FAQ

Our Waste Audit saves Clients needless costs in waste disposal billing by analyzing services and producing the most cost effective solutions.

Our expertise and knowledge of the waste industry provides our Clients the assurance that they will receive the most effectual and concise disposal bill investigation on the market today. We have a very high success ratio. In fact, we have produced favorable results in over 90% of the properties we evaluate. Current, we identify between $3,000 – $25,000 savings per property on an annual basis.

The Waste Audit service lowers monthly expenses for solid waste, medical waste, and recycling disposables by finding errors, overcharges and other cost reduction opportunities by evaluating the client’s invoices, services agreements, equipment, current service levels, and pricing structure. Almost every industry will qualify and clients must simply meet the minimum requirement of at least $500 per month in waste and recycling fees. 

Most property management firms and/or business owners lack the time and expertise required to uncover hidden overcharges in their waste disposal and recycling accounts, nor do they even realize overcharges exist. Our expertise in dealing with the waste and recycling haulers and our understanding of the industry qualifies us to work from a position of strength on your behalf to maximize your results.

We find errors, overcharges and cost reduction opportunities by evaluating your invoices, service agreements, equipment and your current service. The savings are verified in the form of a refund check, credit or reduced waste and/or recycling bill.

Like most of our other services, if there’s no savings, there’s no fee. You don’t pay a penny unless – and until – we produce a direct refund, credit or a reduced waste disposal bill. Then we share in the savings. It’s that simple.

Absolutely! We are contracted with your facility to manage all your waste removal and recycling services with customized consolidated billing to meet your individual accounting needs. We will handle all of your customer service needs directly with the waste and recycling hauler. We continue to manage your cost saving activities so you can manage the results.

Almost every industry will qualify and clients must simply meet the minimum requirement of at least $500 per month in waste and recycling fees. 

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