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NO COST to the Business!

Research & Development Tax Incentives

Our Manufacturing Incentives service if one of three flagship services making up our Specialized Incentives.
We utilize a team of highly qualified professionals including IP attorneys with engineering backgrounds and adhere to the Comprehensive Project-by- Project Approach methodology as required by the IRS. By following this methodology, we qualify every applicable employee, activity, hour spent and corresponding wage paid in order to maximize the incentive for our client. We strictly adhere to the applicable sections of the code and provide first-in-class documentation to substantiate our findings.

What is a QRE?

A QRE is a “Qualified Research Expenditure” as defined by the IRS in Section 41(b).

Basically a QRE is any eligible expenses for the credit, including wages, supplies and contract research expenditures. For most companies, full-time product development engineers’ wages come to mind first and are easiest to recognize; however, a closer look at definitions and examples may lead to the inclusion of additional wages, supplies or contract research.

Below is a list of some tasks that can be performed within an organization that would qualify for the R&D Tax Credit:

  • Manufacturing
  • Fabrication
  • Engineering
  • New Product & Process Development
  • Developing New Concepts or Technologies
  • Design – Layout, Schematics, AutoCAD
  • Prototyping or Modeling
  • Testing / Quality Assurance: ISA 900X, UL, Sigma Six, etc.
  • Integration of new machinery(CNC, SLA, SLE, etc) into existing process
  • Software Development or Improvement
  • Automating /Streamlining Internal Processes
  • Developing Tools, Molds, Dies
  • Developing or Applying for Patents
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