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Business Accounting Solutions, Tax Remediation, Bottom-Line Booster

There are 2 ways to improve bottom-line profits - increase sales or decrease cost

Reducing costs is not what most businesses think of when they look to increase their profits. The first thing that most companies will usually look at is “how do I increase sales”?

Reducing costs is the obvious target once a business owner looks at their options pragmatically. Saving just $10,000 per year in expenses equals $200,000 in increased sales based on just a 5% profit margin.

Almost every business has the ability to substantially improve profit performance, but many do not realize that, it can happen virtually overnight.  As companies face very intense pressures to be more and more profitable, new attention must be directed to the reduction and control of indirect expenses that are typically dismissed as “uncontrollable.”

Our seasoned professionals include former and current loan officers, financial analysts, private investment & portfolio managers, real estate attorneys, engineers, CPA’s and underwriters with strong core competencies in every aspect of money saving and cost recovery. 

Our services cover a wide range of cost saving solutions and loss mitigation strategies that accommodate both commercial property owners and non-property business owners alike.

We aim to provide our clients with sound business recommendations that focus on their business plans and objectives. There is no cookie cutter approach to our service, but only what works best and fits for our client’s unique business situation. We combine the experience of our professionals and strategic partners to create proprietary and custom-made solutions for every business. 


Work Opportunity tax credit

What is WOTC?

WOTC is a Federal tax credit created by the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996 and the Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit of 1996. This credit is available to employers who hire and retain from target groups. Employers claim about $1 billion in tax credits each year under the WOTC program. There is no limit on the number of individuals an employer can hire to qualify to claim the tax credit, and there are a few simple steps to follow to apply for WOTC.

Commercial Property Tax Audit The ELviker Agency

Commercial Property Tax Mitigation

Our experienced team of professionals in mitigation, valuation, assessments, and law work on your case to identify any potential opportunity for refunds and/or reductions in your current property taxes. We perform all the work on your behalf until savings are captured, including partaking in hearings and filing necessary paperwork.

Cost Segregation

What is Cost Segregation?

Cost segregation is the IRS approved method of re-classifying components and improvements of your commercial building from real property to personal property. This process allows the assets to be depreciated on a 5, 7, or 15-year schedule instead of the traditional 27.5 or 39-year depreciation schedule of real property. Thus your current taxable income will be greatly reduced and your cash flow will increase.

R and D Tax Credits The ELviker Agency

R & D Tax Incentives

The Research and Development Tax Credits are federal and state-sponsored tax incentives that reward companies for conducting R&D in the United States. The credit was implemented to incentivize innovation and to keep technical jobs in the U.S. Today, companies from a wide-variety of industries can qualify for federal and state tax savings. Now, because the program has been expanded over the years, more companies can now benefit from these valuable tax incentives.

workers compensation premium audit

Workers Compensation Premium Audit

Our experience indicates that over 70% of all companies have been or are currently overcharged for their workers’ compensation premiums. Our Work Comp Audit identifies and recovers workers’ compensation premium overcharges by reviewing the past five to seven years of classifications, experience rating calculations and premium audit calculations.

merchant processing audit

Credit Card Processing Audit

Our Credit Card Audit focuses solely on expense reduction within the payments industry. Our expertise and experience coupled with our through expense reduction process, ensures a competitive advantage over other firms advertising similar services. Our average client realizes a 21% savings WITHOUT changing providers or buying new equipment!

Waste Management Audit

The Waste Audit service lowers monthly expenses for solid waste, medical waste, and recycling disposables by finding errors, overcharges and other cost reduction opportunities by evaluating the client’s invoices, services agreements, equipment, current service levels, and pricing structure. Almost every industry will qualify.

shipping and freight audit

Freight and Shipping Audit

Clients can expect to see up to 3% hard dollar savings in the form of refunds from their carrier. In addition, our clients average an additional 7% savings through the use of our reporting tools and cost saving optimization analytics. We bill clients monthly based solely on a percentage of the refunds the client receives. In turn you as an agent are paid monthly for the life of the client.

The ELviker Agency